How AI-Driven Marketing Campaigns Can Fall Flat in the Digital Era

RTS Consulting-Ai Driven Marketing

Introduction to AI-driven marketing campaigns Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, and digital marketing is no exception. AI-driven marketing campaigns have the potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and personalization. However, it is crucial to understand the pitfalls that can arise from solely relying on AI in

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Running a Non-Profit Website, Donations


A lot of my blogs focus on websites for small businesses… or businesses doing their best to no longer be small. For those sites, customers and sales top the priority charts, but what about those websites who aren’t out to make a buck? I’m looking at you,

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Keeping One Step Ahead of the Trolls

Internet Trolling

Trolls, there are some tried and true ways of dealing with them. If you’re Gandolf, you trick them into arguing so long they turn to stone. If you’re a Billy Goat Gruff, you get your oldest brother to knock them into a river. And if you’re a

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What to Do When the Thieves Come Knocking

Copyright Blue

Your content is what makes your site yours. It’s a key part of your business—whether it’s your site design, your name, your brand, your marketing, or your written content. And the minute someone copies and pastes, your business is now diluted. Every time your content is duplicated,

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