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How Does Your Site Score?

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Evaluate Your Website


Check your
Website SEO

for maximum organic reach

  1. Title & Meta Tag Analysis
  2. Header & Keyword Density Evaluation
  3. Internal & External Backlink Crawl
  4. Structural Markup & Analytics Check

Check your
Website Usability

to improve user experience

  1. Responsiveness / Mobile Friendly Check
  2. No Flash or iFrames are used
  3. Code is Readable & Google Friendly
  4. Your page has a Favicon specified

Check your
Website Performance

to minimize load speeds

  1. Server Response Rate Check
  2. Page Content Load Speed Analysis
  3. HTML, CSS & JavaScript File Errors
  4. Image Optimization & Minification

Check your
Social Media

to grow your audience

  1. Check Connected Social Media Accounts
  2. Likes, Shares & Follower Analysis
  3. Social Engagement Optimization
  4. Optimization for Increased Reach

Check your
Web Security

to protect your visitors

  1. Active SSL Certificate in Use
  2. HTTP Redirects to HTTPS
  3. Virus & Malware Detection
  4. Software & Email Privacy Check

Run an SEO Analysis

to check your website scores

No Website? Feel free to call 312-834-7787


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